Dream-pop from Ohio? Yes that is right – the Gem City has no limits in its quality indie offerings. Three piece Moira have an excellent new EP titled Asleep/Repeat/Awake that was just released on October 20th. The siren vocals of Alicia Grodecki leads this debut and cuts like a knife as the former Vanity Theft member has flipped her previous indie pop direction for haunting waves of melody and hypnotic piano that will for sure leave you wanting more!
— The Fire Note, Online Music Magazine
On their debut release, Asleep/Repeat/Awake, Moira create an atmosphere of hushed keyboards, muted bass and some of the best atmospheric drumming I’ve heard in a while... The vocals add to the haunting and lasting nature of this album.
— Punk News, Johnathon Galliene's "Staff Pick" of the Month
Looking for synthy, slinky, simmering synth love? “Midwestern Waste” by Dayton electro trio Moira is a song you can play in a dark smoky club, while driving down a rain-slicked street, or while lying in a field watching white clouds pass across a clear blue sky. It not only suits the mood; it sets its own mood.
— Guided By Noises, Dayton.com
Moira allows their listeners to unconsciously float below the surface of melodic water as pain-stricken vocals give hope of resurfacing. They utilize multiple layers in their songwriting so that as one idea unfolds, another new musical element is presented.
— Midwest Action
Then there’s Moira: a group that elevates the technique (of sampling ) to pure art... Minus vocals, Moira would be a very good band, producing moody, dream-like pieces that are remarkable in both subtlety and complexity. With the vocals, however…Moira becomes something else altogether, transcendent and wholly unique. The wedding of voice and instrument in this band is sublime which would be noteworthy in any circumstance but all the more so given the relatively short time Moira has spent crafting their sound.
— The Pulse, Music Magazine
The noise these humans create is so familiar, yet so completely unique.
— Kyle Grillot, Freelance Photojournalist